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If your child experiences feelings of anxiety and worry, those feelings may have only intensified during COVID and times of uncertainty. We encourage you to register your child for Barker's six-week virtual program: "Mindful Movement for Children: Discovering How to Navigate Through Worry & Anxiety," starting Tuesday, March 2, 2021, from 5 to 6 PM ET. 

Missy Herendeen, LMSW/LGSW Barker's adoption competent therapist, and registered yoga teacher, will help children ages 8 to 12 years learn how to identify anxiety and worry, how it functions in the mind & body, and provide tools and techniques to help manage symptoms when they arise.

Who: For Children 8-12 years of age
Dates: Tuesday, March 2 - April 6, 2021
Time: 5 - 6 PM ET
Where: Virtual via Zoom
Fee: $220 for six sessions 
Adoption Expert Facilitator: Melissa "Missy" Herendeen, LMSW/LGSW

This six-week program is open to the adoption community regardless of your connection with Barker. Please feel free to share this event with family or friends who may benefit from attending. 

More About This Program

It can be challenging to engage a child or tween, especially when dealing with lofty therapeutic concepts. Even older children can quickly get bored or distracted, secretly wanting to pull out their screens and escape. That's why we are utilizing an online resilience program that uses short animation videos. There's no doubt about it: animation holds real power. It's colorful, accessible, non-threatening- and it's fun! Our program taps into the power of animation to not just entertain children but help them.

This six-week program will provide a safe space for your child to connect with other kids their age who experience similar feelings.

Each week Missy will share movement-based fun strategies that can enhance an internal sense of security and normalize feelings that often are isolating. 

Week 1 (Tuesday, March 2): What is Worry?

In this session, children will get to know one another and establish group norms. Then, utilize interactive videos to gain a framework for "what is worry?"

Week 2 (Tuesday, March 9): Worry Affects Your Body

This week begins with a recap of the first week, and any insights children may have had. It will also introduce breathing techniques, video segments, and movement to establish mind-body connections.

Week 3 (Tuesday, March 16): Worry Affects Your Thinking

Week three builds on the impact of worry in our bodies and minds. Children will have time to create individualized goals--what they'd like to do, if not for worry getting in their way.

Week 4 (Tuesday, March 23): Watch for Thoughtholes (thought distortions)! 

In this session, children will learn about "Thoughtholes" --all the ways our minds can trick us into worrying--and how to overcome those sensations. 

Week 5 (Tuesday, March 30): The 5C's! 

Week five works on bringing all the tools we've learned (movement, breathing, and goal setting) and partners with the 5C's--a device to help "check-in" with ourselves to see if worry is running rampant!

Week 6 (Tuesday, April 6): Conclusion

In the concluding week, children will see success stories from our video series and have the opportunity to share their successes amongst the group.

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Educational Workshops
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Child or Teen Adoptee

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Tuesday, March 2, 2021 - 5:00pm to 6:00pm
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Missy Herendeen, LMSW, LGSW

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$220/for six sessions