Wednesday, December 16, 2015

This past weekend, Barker was proud to be the Gold Sponsor at the Adoption and Foster Care Expo held at the Carnegie Library in Washington, DC.  This was an extremely successful collaborative event that drew over 200 attendees who were interested in learning more about the process of becoming adoptive or foster parents. The goal of the Adoption and Foster Care Expo is to provide an exclusive “one-stop shop” experience for prospective parents to interact with adoptees, adoption professionals and current foster and adoptive parents.

Various Barker staff members facilitated workshops and sat on panels with team members from other local adoption and foster care agencies.  Beverly Clarke, Director of Project Wait No Longer at Barker was a co-facilitator for a session titled “Adopting and Fostering the Older Child”, she had the privilege of working alongside a representative from Prince George’s County Department of Children and Family Services for this dynamic presentation.  In addition, Sue Hollar, Barker’s Associate Director, facilitated a session focused on exploring the preparation necessary to be well equipped for the lifelong journey of adoption.   Several staff members, including Tina Ji, Director of International Programs, participated on general education panels and staffed the Barker table at the event.

Surina Amin, outreach coordinator for Barker’s older child program who played an active role on the expo planning committee said,  “The event was a huge success, there were people asking questions and visiting our table for the entire time.  We were very busy and happy to see so many people that were interested in learning about older, waiting children”.  Barker’s exhibit table was available to attendees who wanted to obtain more information about our programs and community resources. We were thrilled to be part of sponsoring, planning and participating in this important community event.  It was inspirational to see so many local agencies coming together  for this important initiative and hope to continue this wonderful community resource for years to come.  We want to say thank you to our board, and to all of our community members who supported this important effort. 





Surina Amin, LGSW - Outreach Coordinator, Project Wait No Longer