Friday, September 23, 2016

After a fun-filled sunny day on Sunday, it is safe to say the Barker tradition of the annual picnic being one of the highlights of the year for the Barker community continues strong. In fact, we were thrilled to see over 150 of you at the picnic!

New friends and old sat together enjoying picnic fare and chatting in the sunshine as the kids delighted in running around the park, making new friends of their own. Looking around that day, it was clear the picnic offers that rare and treasured time that all facets of the Barker community come together to enjoy each other’s company and foster the relationships built along the adoption journey. Stephany West, Domestic Program Assistant, summed it up well when asked what she enjoys most about the picnic, “seeing a family that I had been working with since I started last year, meeting their child for the first time in person and getting to see how happy the family is!”

We’d like to offer a heartfelt thank you to our volunteers and staff who made the picnic possible, whether on the set-up crew, flipping endless hamburger patties on the grill or leading parachute games with the eager kids, your efforts made the picnic possible. 

The picnic truly is a celebration of the family, those formed, forming, and to be formed; all who we are privileged to call a part of the larger Barker family. We hope if you couldn’t make it this year you’ll join us next year, we can’t wait to see there!

Talking with parents and child       Dodge Ball

 Parents with their child      Children Playing 

 Child being held by parents      Family with Child in Stroller