Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Almost all children in foster care have experienced some sort of trauma. As parents, it can often be difficult to understand what they are going through or to know how to help. Luckily, there are numerous community resources you can utilize that could help navigate how to help your child who has experienced trauma.

Below are two FREE events focused on learning ways to help children overcome trauma and succeed. See details below.

Trauma and Resilience: Building Strength in Children – Saturday June 18th

This seminar presents, in detail, how trauma can affect the developing brain and explores tools for helping to build resilience in children so that they can develop into emotionally strong adults.  Research will be shared showing how trauma can affect a child's developing brain and caregivers will be told tips that they can use to help build resilience in every child.  Register and find more information for this FREE workshop, here. Spaces are limited, so don’t wait to register!

What is Somatic Experiencing? – Sunday September 18th

Presented by psychotherapist and yoga teacher, Alicia Barmon, this workshop focuses on a therapeutic technique called Somatic Experiencing that involves analyzing the nervous system’s response to stress and how it affects behavior and mood. Learn more and sign up for this FREE seminar here. Hurry, spaces are running out quickly!

 Want more resources? Stay tuned to our PWNL blog for events, resources, and updates!

Alex Williams, MSW - Outreach and Program Support Specialist, Project Wait No Longer