Friday, December 18, 2015

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The holiday season can be hard.  Anyone that has experienced grief and loss will tell you that the “joy” of the holiday season can be a tough pill to swallow, because it so often highlights what you have lost.  It is no different for our kids, and their losses throughout life have been huge.  During this holiday season, we want to encourage you to do everything that you can to support your children, while taking care of yourself.  Here are a few tips for making it through the season, for more detail on each point, check out the newsletter! 

  1. Stay connected to your therapist
  2. Plan fewer activities that take your child "outside" of their comfort zone
  3. Allow your child to create new holiday traditions
  4. Plan for time in, rather than time out
  5. Schedule time away
  6. Talk to your child

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Anna Beers, Program Assistant, Project Wait No Longer