Tuesday, November 24, 2015
Photo above is how Barker's Reception area now appears.  Photos below depict the flood damage across the office suite.

As many of you have heard, Barker’s Bethesda offices were recently severely damaged by a freak flood that occurred when pipes, located several floors above Barker, burst, triggering the sprinkler system and unleashing tons of water into the Barker space below.  

We have much for which to be thankful.  While the damage and losses are extensive, none of our staff were injured; we were dealing with water, not fire; our computers and servers were unscathed; no client files were damaged; and Barker’s Board sprang immediately into action mobilizing resources for Barker that expedited the remediation process and, most importantly, relocated Barker temporarily into an upper floor suite in the same building so that client services would NOT be interrupted.  

Many have asked how they can help.  Your generous donations to our Annual Fund are used to support all of Barker’s programs, as well as the physical space in which we’re housed.  Your support is what has made us resilient for over 70 years, and will do so again even in the face of this unprecedented office flood.  Please click here to make a supplemental Annual Donation to help us bounce back from the flood as well as to support all of our ethical adoption services.  We are so thankful to the extended Barker family for your support. 

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Barker Adoption Office Flood

Barker Adoption Flood Office 2

Barker Adoption Flood Office 4

Barker Adoption Flood Office 3