Thursday, April 21, 2016

This past Sunday was Barker Family & Friends Night at Crave Restaurant in Bethesda. We had several staff members, board members and families come out to show their support for the Barker community and the CRAVE Cares Partnership. It was a great night!

Through May 4th, CRAVE will give customers an opportunity to “round up” their checks and that portion will be donated to Barker. Additionally, customers can order off of the “special menu” to increase the amount donated to Barker.  Not only does this partnership help to support the programs at Barker, it helps to spread awareness of the children who are in need of loving, safe and permanent families.

We have about 2 weeks left for the partnership month! If you visit CRAVE between today and May 4th, the first two families who submit a family photo dining at CRAVE will win a $10 dollar Baskin Robbins giftcard! 


Barker Moments